If the game is so complex, how I can train my players considering this complexity? following I bring you this list of tips that might help on your training sessions:



1.     Keep an open mind

2.     There is a possibility that training might not go the way you expected.

3.     The objectives should seek to optimize, not to improve.

4.     Prepare the session looking for the maximum participation of all the players.

5.     The content we want to practice is of most importance, not the drills.

6.     The correct development of the session is more important than fullfilling it.

7.     Check the status and the mood of the players before training

8.     Your players are much more important than the session (despite having been hours preparing)

9.     Modify the session “ on the fly” if you see its is whats  required at the time

10.  Propose drills with the ball as the main actor

11.  Propose open drills, where there is no single solution

12.  Propose drills where you emphasise in the creative side of the players

13.  Propose drills to encourage the communitacion and interaction among the players

14.  Propose drills where the dynamic of the game is not interrupted (don´t separate attacking from defending)


15.  Spend more time worrying about the status of your player to explain your ¨tactics.

16.  Your ¨tactics¨must be explained through your drills.

17.  As a coach you have to guide, not to command.

18.  Yo do not need to use more equipment to be a better coach.

19.  Observe before correcting, maybe what you consider as a mistake is only a “fluctuation” in the learning process of the player.

20.  Don´t finish a drill without first having everything ready for the next.

21.  Become expendable, the training can proceed without your presence.

22.  Save time on  explanation, don´t expect everyone to understand at first. Once you start the game it will be easier for the players to comprehend it.

23.  Use strategies to emotionally destabilize your players (bad refeerring, enabling / not enabling fouls, inequality in the level of the groups, encourage more one of the teams deliberated,…)


24.  Don´t expect to fix your mistakes at the end of the session. No talking . The workout is over.


25. For the player to achieve significant learning he must have fun and a motivated environment.